Tuesday, June 23, 2009

University of Michigan - Flint (Flint College) - Michigan

Cady B. Durham Natatorium
Flint College and Cultural Center
The Cady B. Durham Natatorium provides outstanding college facilities for competitive, instructional and recreational swimming.

Mott Memorial Building
Flint College and Cultural Center
The Mott Memorial Buiolding provides the classrooms and administrative office for the Flint College of the University of Michigan. The Building was a gift of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundaiton to the Fling Board of Education.

F. A. Bower Theater
Flint College and Cultural Center
The F. A. Bower Theater is an outstanding example of modern architectural style, incorporating unusual exterior and interior decor. The building serves the Flint Community Junior College Theater and the Flint Community players.

General Motors Institute - Michigan

General Motors Institute, Flint, Michigan, was begun in 1919, became a pat of the General Motors Corporation in 1926, grew through seven major expansions and today ranks with the nation's top industrial educations activies with a modern physical plant of nearly 300,000 square feet. The Institute provides training through it's facilities to over 36,500 people annually.

Wheaton College - Illinois

North Hall, 1947, Women's Dormitory at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, is of Georgian Colonial design with attractive furnishings in the same mode. Its living quarters accomodate 275 women.

Highland Community College - Illinois

Fine Arts Building
Highland Community College
Freeport, Illinois

House the college theatre, the pottery and art workshops, music classrooms, and faculty office. The "V" in the foreground is the latet addition to the campus art collection. Performances in the theatre take place on a year round basis.

Instructional Media Center
Highand Community College
Freeport, Illinois

IMC building houses the College Administravie Offices, Admissions office, the Computer Center, Library, Audio Vision Center, classrooms, office of the Humanities Division Chairperson, Faculty offices, and a large lecture hall. Located in the center of the campus, it is the focal point of student activities.

Georgia Southern College - Georgia

Georgia Southern College
Founded 1908

Entrance from U.S. 301, Statesboro, Georgia

University of Georgia - Georgia

The Small Animal Teaching Hospital
University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is renowned for its college of Veterinary Medicine. The Veterinary School boasts the largest and best collection of scientists working on Avian Problems. And, what more could a college claim than to be one of the top 5 best Vet schools in th Nation.

Chapel, University of Georgia campus, Athens. Local tradition says columsn of the Greek Revivial structure, erected in 1832 at cost ot $15,000, were used for target practice when Athens was occupied by Union troops after the Civil War. Freshmen ring its bell after football victories. It houses George Cook's (1783-1857) massive patting on the interior of St. Peter's Cathedral, Rome, reputed to be the world's largest framed oil painting.

University of Delaware - Delaware

University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware

Smith Hall (1970) is named in honor of Edward Laurence Smith, ean of Delaware College from 1915 to 1923. This structure houses the Computing Center, the Departments of Statistics and Computer Science, Languages, Literature, Art History, Sociology, and the Political Science of the College of Arts and Science.

State Teachers College - Connecticut

State Teachers College, Located on White St., Danbury, Conn.

Fairfield Hall, Girl's Dormitory of State Teachers College, Danbury, Conn

California State University, Chico

Chico State College, Chico, Calif.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yale University - New Haven, Conneticut

Harkness Memorial Tower, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Northern Illinois University - DeKalb

Algeld Hall, Northern's first building, was completed in 1899 and named for John Peter Altgeld, then governor of Illinois. Promptly nicknamed "the Castle on the Hill" for its castle-on-the-Rhine architectural style, it originally house the school's classrooms, laboratories, offices, gymnasium, library, and auditorium

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shih Chien University (via postcrossing.com TW-55400)

This is a great postcard - if cut up correctly it can be made into make a small library model

New Blog

This is a new blog that I am starting to show how I manage to try to collect postcards from the 3040 Colleges and Universities around the world.

I will be listing all the schools that I am looking for.