Tuesday, June 23, 2009

University of Michigan - Flint (Flint College) - Michigan

Cady B. Durham Natatorium
Flint College and Cultural Center
The Cady B. Durham Natatorium provides outstanding college facilities for competitive, instructional and recreational swimming.

Mott Memorial Building
Flint College and Cultural Center
The Mott Memorial Buiolding provides the classrooms and administrative office for the Flint College of the University of Michigan. The Building was a gift of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundaiton to the Fling Board of Education.

F. A. Bower Theater
Flint College and Cultural Center
The F. A. Bower Theater is an outstanding example of modern architectural style, incorporating unusual exterior and interior decor. The building serves the Flint Community Junior College Theater and the Flint Community players.

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Carol said...

I used to be a lifeguard and WSI at Durham pool, 1968-73. Nice to see it again. The photo labeled Mott Memorial Building appears to be General Motors Institute instead.